1431 - 1435


1431 3 January Custody of Jehanne d'Arc is transferred to Bishop Cauchon.
1431 9 January The trial of Jehanne d'Arc opens in Rouen
1431 21 February The first public sessions of the trial of Jehanne d'Arc occur.
1431 18 April Jehanne d'Arc is admonished to recant her errors.
1431 19 April The condemnation of Jehanne d'Arc of the University of Paris is read.
1431 23 April The trial of Jehanne d'Arc concludes.
1431 24 May Jehanne d'Arc is threatened with execution and under that threat recants. She is sentenced to life in prison.
1431 28 May Jehanne d'Arc rejects her recantation, and accepts a sentence of death.
1431 29 May Clerical justice turns Jehanne d'Arc over to the secular authorities.
1431 30 May Jehanne d'Arc is executed.




1435   Battle of Gerbevoy
1435 July The Cardinal of Santa Croche, legate from the Pope, and the Cardinal of Cyprus, sent by the Council of Basil arrive in Arras for the peace conference. Also attending it the Bishop of Alba, as a representative of the Duke of Milan, and one Master Nicholas, as a representative of the King of Poland.
1435   Yvon de Puys, with some 400 men-at-arms, raids into Rethel, plundering the countryside. He is attacked by the Batard de Humieres, who defeats him and forces him to retreat.
1435 16 July Louis de Luxembourg, count of St. Pol, of Conversan, of Braine, and lord of Anghein, marries Joan of Bar, only daughter of sir Robert de Bar, countess of Marle and of Soissons, lady of Dunkirk, of Varneston, 'and of many other valuable places'.
1435 July An English embassy, consisting of the Archbishop of York, the Earl of Suffolk, the Bishop of St. David's, Sir John Ratcliffe, Keeper of the Privy Seal, Lord Hungerford and a Master Raoul le Sage, along with some theologians, arrives at Arras for the peace conference.
1435 28 July The Duke of Burgundy, attended by a magnificent retinue, arrives at the peace conference in Arras. He is met a league from the city by the English ambassadors and the attendants of the Cardinals, and escorted into the city to pay his compliments to the Cardinals of Santa Croce and Cyprus, and then retires to his hotel at La Cour-le-Comte.
1435 31 July A French Embassy arrives in Arras for the peace conference. It consists of the Duc de Bourbon, the Comte de Richemont, Constable of France, the Comte de Vendôme, the Archbishop of of Rheims, Chancellor of France, the Sire de Lafayette, Marshal of France, Adam de Chambray, first president of the Parlement, and 'many other able men'.
1435 3 August The Duchess de Bourgogne arrives in Arras for the peace conference. The French and English ambassadors, in a combined show of gallantry, ride out of the city to meet her. The French nobles escort her (and the Comtesse de Namur, who is accompanying her) back to the city, while the English return immediately to their lodgings.

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