Joan of Arc's letter to the people of Troyes

+ Jesus, Mary +
Very dear and good friends - if you don't mind - lords, bourgeois, and inhabitants of the town of Troyes, Joan the Maiden sends word and makes known to you, in the name of the King of Heaven, her rightful and sovereign Lord, in whose royal service she remains each day, that you should render true obedience and recognition to the noble king of France, who will be at Rheims and Paris quite soon, regardless of whomever may come against us; and [will be] in his towns of the holy kingdom with the help of King Jesus. Loyal Frenchmen, come before King Charles and let there be no failing; and do not worry about your lives nor your property if you do so; and if you do not do so I promise and guarantee upon your lives that we will enter, with the help of God, into all the towns which should be part of the holy kingdom, and make there a good durable peace, regardless of whomever may come against us.
I commend you to God; may God protect you, if it pleases Him.
Reply soon.
Before the city of Troyes, written at St. Phal, Tuesday July fourth.

Crustus an Mors
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