The Chronicle of London

Rex Ricardus Secundus


Richard Whytyngton, m'c', m'.

Will' Askham, fysshmong'. John Wodecok, m'c'.

In this monthe of Feverer was the parlement at Schrovesbury, at whiche parlement was ordeyned the deth of the duke of Gloucestre the kynges uncle, whiche was foule mordred at Caleys, in the prynces inne, with two towayles made in snare wyse, and put aboughte his nekke; and so was that worthy knyght strangled to the deth. Also the lord Cobham was jugged to perpetuel prison: and forasmoche as the erle of Derby thanne mad duke of Hereford was of counseill and assent of the deth of lordes and knyghtes don to dethe in the xj yere of the kyng, he was also exiled. Also in this yere schulde a ben a bataile at Coventre betwen the duke of Hereford and the duke of Norfolke, withinne lystes: and whanne they were assembled in the place, the kyng toke up there quarell into his hand: and anoon in the same place they were bothe exiled; that is to seye, the duke of Hereford for x yere, and Thomas duke of Norfolk for an hundred yere, whiche debate was for wordes of treson whiche schulde have ben spokyn be these too lordes of the kyng. Also in this yere Thomas Arundell erchebysshop of Caunterbury was also exiled and translated to another bysshoperiche, and Sr. Roger Walden was made erchebysshop of Caunterbury; and thanne the kyng thorugh wykked counseill disherited the heirs of the lordes that were put to dethe, as it is above seyd, and dampned to perpetual prison. And he sente to Rome, to have the statutes and the ordinaunces mad in the parlement begonnen at Westm' and ended at Schrovesbury, confermed of the pope; the whiche was doun and graunted be the pope and be hym confermed, which confirmacion was proclamed at the crosse in Powles and at seynt Marie Spitele in Estre woke before alle the peple. Also the kyng thorugh his counseill hadde the citee of London and othere diverses shires of Engelond in grete hate and grete indignacion, and lete enditen them as for rebelles: and he toke to hym Chestreschire men whiche were most famulier with hym, wherfore the citizeins of London and the peple of the said schires so endited as before is seid, were full hevy and sorwefull; and thanne the citizeins of London for plesaunce of the kyng thorugh counseill and helpe of Roger Walden the erchebysshop of Caunterbury, and of Braybroke, &c.; Moreover in this yere, for alle that, Chestreschire men maden a grete fray in Fryday strete on a nyght in there innes; the whiche weren well beten and hurte with arowes and brought thanne to the countor. Also this yere, be selyng of blank chartres, the citee of London paied to the kyng a m^{l} li', and othere schires as they myghte beren.

Richard Whytyngton, m'c', mayor.

William Askham, fishmonger. John Woodcock, m'c'.

In the month of February the parliament was at Shrewsbury, at which parliament was ordered the death of the duke of Glouchester, the king's uncle, who was foully murdered at Calais, in the prince's inn, with two towels made into a snare and put about his neck; and so was that worty knight strangled to death. also the lord Cobham was sentenced to perpetual prison: and forasmuch as the earl of Derby, then made duke of Hereford, was of the counsel and assent to the death of lords and knights done to death in the eleventh year of the king, he was also exiled. Also in this year should have been a battle at Coventry between the duke of hereford and the duke of Norfolk, within lists: and when they were assembled in that place the king took up the quarrel into his hand: and immidiately in the same place thay ere both exiled; that is to say the duke of Hereford for ten years, and Thomas duke of Norfolk for a hundred years, for the reason of words of treason which were spoken by these lords to the king. Also in this year Thomas Arundel, archbishop of Canterbury was also exiled and translated to another bishopric, and Sir Roger Walden was made archbishop of Canterbury; and then the king, through wicked counsel, disinherited the heirs of the lords that were put to death, as is abovesaid, and condemmned them to perpetual prison. And he sent to Rome, to have the statutes and ordinances made in the parliament begun at Westminster and finished at Shrewsbury confirmed by the pope; the which was done and granted by the pope and by his confirmed, which confirmation was proclaimed at the cross in Powles and at Saint Mary's Spitele in Easter week before all the people. Also the king through his council had the city of London and other diverse shires in England in great hate and great indignation, and did wright to them as rebels, and he took to him Cheshire men which were most familiar to him, wherfore the citizens of London and the people of the said shires so written to as before is said were full heavy asn sorrowful; and the city of London, for the peasure of the king through the help and counsel of Roger Walden, archbishop of Canterbury, and of Braybrook, made a petition to the king. oreover in this year, for all that Cheshire men made a great fray in Friday street at night in their inns; the which were well beaten and hurt with arrows and brought then to the country. Also this year, by selling of blank charters, the city of London payed the king a thousand pounds, as did the other shires that they might be aquitted.

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