The Chronicle of London

Rex Ricardus Secundus


Adam Bamme, goldsmyth, m'.

Th' Welford, drap'. Will' Parkere, m'c'.

The whiche Adam Bamme deyde the vj day of Juyn; and Richard Whityngton occupyed the office of the mairalte the remenaunt of the yere be patent of the kyng; and thanne after, on seynt Edwardes day, he was chose maire for the yere folwynge. Also in this yere the xxj day of Juyll, the regne of the kyng xxj yere begynnynge, Sr. Thomas of Wodestoke duke of Gloucestre was arested at Paske; and r. Richard erle of Arundell, and Sr. Thomas erle of Warrewyk, the lord Cobham, and Sr. John Cheyne weren also arested. And in the monthe of Septembre nest folwynge the kyng helde hys parlement at Westm', at whiche parlement Edward erle of Roteland was made duke of Awmarle, Herry erle of Derby was mad duke of Hereford, Thomas earl Marchall was mad duke of Norfolk, Sr. John erle of Huntyngdon was mad duke of Excetre, the erle of Kent was mad duke of Surry, the erle of Somerset was mad marquys of Dorset, Sr. Thomas Percy was mad erle of Worcestre, the lord Spenser was made lord of Gloucestre, the lord Nevyle was mad erle of Westmerland. Also the parlement was enyourned to Schrovesbury into the xv day of seynt Hillar. And in the forsaid parlement was mad a gret hale in the paleys of Westm', in whiche Richard the erle of Arundell was dampned to the deth, and he was beheded at the Tour hill.

Adam Bamme, goldsmith, mayor.

Thomas Welford, draper. William Parkere, m'c'.

Adam Bamme died the sixth day of June; and Richard Whittington occupied the office of the Mayor the remainder of the year by patent of the king; and then after, on Saint Edwards day, he was chosen for the year following. Also in this year the twenty first day of July, the twenty first year of the kings reign beginning, Sir Thomas of Woodstock, duke of Glouchester was arrested at Paske; and Sir Richard Earl of Arundel, and Sir Thomas earl of Warwick, the lord Cobham and Sir John Cheyne were also arrested. And in the month of September next following the king held his parliament at Westminsterat which parliament Edward earl of Rutland was made duke of Aumale, Henry eal of Derby was made duke of Hereford, Thomas earl marshall was made duke of Norfolk, Sir john, earl of Huntingdon was made duke of Exeter, the earl of Kent was made duke of Surrey, the earl of Somerset was made marquis of Dorset, Sir Thomas Percy was made earl of Worchester, the lord Spencer was made Lord of Glouchester, the lord Neville was made earl of Westmoreland. And the parliament was adjourned to Shrewsbury until the fifteenth day of Saint Hillary. And the aforesaid parliament was made a great hall in the palace of westminster, in which Richard earl of Arundel was condemned to death, and he was beheaded at tower hill

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