The Chronicle of London

Rex Ricardus Secundus


Will's More, vynt', m'.

Rog' Elys. Will' Scheryngham.

In this yere, aboughte the feste of Al Halwen, Isabell the kynges doughter of Fraunce was spoused to kyng Richard at Caleys, whiche afterward, on the viij day of Januer, was crowned quene at Westm'; at whos comynge to London the priour of Typtre in Essex, with othere viij persones, upon London bregge in the gret prees weren crowsed to the deth.

William More, vintner, mayor.

Roger Elys. William Scheryngham.

In this year, about the feast of All Hallows, Isabell, the daughter of the king for france, was married to king Richard at Calais, who afterward, on the ninth day of January, was crowned queen at Westminster; at whos coming to London the prior of Tipftree in Essex, with eight other persons, were crushed to death on London bridge in the great press.

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