The Chronicle of London

Rex Ricardus Secundus


John Hende, drap', m'.

John Schadworth, m'c'. Herry Vaun'e, drap'.

whiche John Hende occupied the office of the meire into the morwe after the natyvyte of seynt John baptist, the whiche was put down be the kyng and his counseill at Notyngham, and ordeyned Sr. Edward Dalyngregy, knyght, kepere of the citee; and on the xxij day of Juyll the said Edward was discharged of his office, and Sr. Bawdewyn Radyngton at Wyndesore was mad kepere of the citee of London, and so stod in office into the feste of seynt Symond and Jude; at whiche day, be leve of the kyng, they chosen officers in the Yelde halle of London for the yere folwyng as it folwith. And in this yere the courtes were remeved, and withdrawe fro London to York fro the feste of the nativite of seynt John baptist unto Cristemasse folwynge; and all this disese above seyd was for this cause. In this yere Thomas Arundell erchebysshop of York was thanne chaunceler of Engelond, and Waltham bysshop of Salesbury was thanne tresorer of Engelond; the serwauntes of whiche tresorer arrered a grete debate in Fletestrete ayens men of the towne for an hors loof, for whiche the tresorer pleyned upon the citee to the kyng, and wykkedly enformed the kyng; thorugh whiche enformacion and procurment of the chaunceler, the kyng sesed the fraunchise and the liberte of London into hys hond: and the kyng hadde of London x m lib' or he wolde be plesyd.

John Hende, draper, mayor.

John Schadworth, m'c'. Herry Vaun'e, draper.

John Hende occupied the office of mayor until the morning after the nativity of Saint John the Baptist, when he was put down by the king and his council at Nottingham, who ordained Sir Edward Dalygregy, knight, keeper of the city; and on the twenty second dsy of july the said edward was discharged of his office, and Sir Baldwin Radington of Widsor was made keeper of the city of London, and so stayed in office until the feast of Saint Simon and Jude; at which day, by leave of the king, they chose officers in the Guild hall of London for the year following as it follows. And in this year the court was moved, and withdrawn from London to York from the feast of the nativity of Saint John the Baptist until the Christmas following; and all this disease above said was for this cause. In this yere Thomas Arundel, archbishop of York was then chancellor of England, and Waltham od Salisbury was then treasurer of England; the servants of which treasurer made a great debate in Fleet street against men of the town for an horse loaf, for which the treasurer complained of the city to the king, and wickedly informed the king; through which information and procurement the of chancellor, the king seized the franchise and liberty of London into his hand: and the king had of London ten thousand pounds before he would be pleased.

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