The Chronicle of London

Rex Ricardus Secundus


Nicholl Twyford, goldsmyth, maior

Adam Karlyll, groc'. Th' Austyn, m'c'.

This yere, in the moneth of May, weren the justes in Smythfeld betwen the erle of Notyngham and the erle of More, Scott.; also betwen the lord Welles and Sr. David Lyndesey, Scott.; also betwen there Nicholl Bemenere and John Bron, Scott.

Nicholl Twyford, goldsmith, mayor

Adam Karlyll, grocer. Thomas Austyn, m'c'.

In this year, in the month of May, were the jousts in Smithfield between the earl of Nottingham and the earl of Mar, a Scot; Also between the lord Wells and sir David Lindsey, a Scot; also between Nicholl Bemenere and John Bron, a Scot.

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