The Chronicle of London

Rex Ricardus Secundus


Nicholl Exton, maior, fysshmong'.

Will' More, vynt'. Will' Staundon, groc'.

This yere the erle of Arundell admirall of Engelond faught on the see with the Flemynges, upon oure lady day in lenten, and scomfyted them, and tok manye schippes lade with Rochell wyn; among whiche schippes was oo schipp called Mewes Colman, and that schipp was the admyrall of Flaundres, the whiche was taken and manye othere prisoners. The some of schippes grete and smale, at that tyme take, were lxxxvj schippes, in whiche were accompted xvij tounes of wyne. Also the duke of Lancastre in this yere, with his duchesse dame Constance, sayled over the see into Spayne with a gret peple, to clayme his wyfves right: and he tok with hym John Northt', for doughte elles he myghte have be sclayn whiles he hadde ben oughte of the reaume.

Nicholl Exton, mayor, fishmonger.

William More, vintner. William Staundon, grocer.

This year the earl of Arundel, admiral of England, fought on the sea with the Flemings, upon Our Lady's day in lent and discomfited them, and took many ships laden with La Rochelle wine; among which ships was a ship called Mewes Colman, and on that ship was the admiral of Flanders, the which was taken and many other prisoners. Teh total of ships great and small at that time taken was eighty six ships, in which were accounted seventeen tons of wine. Also the duke of Lancaster in this year, with his duchess dame Constance, sailed over the sea with a great host, to claim his wife's rights; and he took with him John Northampton, for doubtless he might have been slain while he [Lancaster] had been out of the realm.

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