The Chronicle of London

Rex Ricardus Secundus


John Hadley, groc, m'

John Heyleston. Will' Baret.

This yere the parlement was at Northt'; and there was Kirkeby drawe and hanged for the deth of a marchaunt of Jene, and a whit frere was punysshed for words that they hadde seyde be the duke of Lancastre. And in this yere were galeys in Thamyse, and brende Gravesende and Tilbury; for which cause Sr Rauf Fereres was apeched. And in this yere was the bataill betwen Sr John of Audeslay knyght and Thomas Kat'ynge esquyer.

John Hadley, groccer, Mayor'

John Heyleston. Will' Baret.

This year the parliament was at Northhampton; and there was Kirkeby drawn and hanged for the death of a merchant of [Jene?] and a white friar was punished for words that they had said by the duke of Lancaster. And in this year were galleys in the Thames, and burned Gravesend and Tilbury; for which Sir Rauf Fereres was impeached. And in this year was the battle between Sir John of Audeslay, knight, and Thomas Kat'ynge esquire.

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