The Chronicle of London

Rex Ricardus Secundus


John Philpot, wolmen, m'.

John Boseham. Th' Cornwayle.

In this yere of oure lord a mccclxxviij, in the morwe after seynt Laurence day, was Robert Hawle sclayn in the chirche of Westm' be Sr Aleyn Boxley, Sr Rauf Fereres and Markle, which was sithin a sergeaunt of armes. Also the same yere was ordeyned that every persone undirgrowe schulde pay iii d. to the kynge; and this cause was the most cause of the rysing after, for in Kent they began to serche first maydens and othere.

In this year of our lord 1378, in the morning after saint Laurence's day, was Robert Hawle slain in the church of Westminster by Sir Aleyn Boxley, Sir Rauf Fereres, and Markle, who was there [at Westminster] a sergeant at arms. Also in the same year it was ordered that every person [undirgrowe?] should pay three pence to the king; and thi cause was the most cause of the rising after, for in Kent they began to search first maidens and others.

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