The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


Thomas Knolles, groc', Thom's Pyke, drap'. A^{o}. xij^{mo}. maior. John Penne, skynn'e. [Sidenote: A gret feight in Smythfelde betuen Glouc' and Arthur.] [Sidenote: The Yeldhalle was begone to make newe.] This yere was the fight in Smythefeld betuen Gloucestre and Artour, for wordes that Gloucestre hadde appeled Arthur of: and whanne they hadde well foughten, the kyng tok the bataille into his hond, and wolde lete them feighte no more. Also this yere, on seynt Petres even, was gret debate in Brigge street betuen the lord Thomas men and men of London. Also in this yere comen ambassatours to the kyng fro the duke of Burgoyne, for to have men out of Engelond to helpe hym in werre ayeyns the duke of Orlyons: but the kyng wolde no men grauntte, for which the ambassatores spaken therof to the prynce: and he sente to the duke of Burgoyne the erle of Arundell and the lord Cobbeham, with othere lordes and gentyles, with a faire retenewe and well arrayed peple. Also this yere the Yeldhalle of London was begonne to make newe. Also in this yere the duke of Burgoyne, with help of Englysshmen, sclewe moche peple of the dukes of Orlyons at the brigge of Seyntclowe. Also in this same yere was Rys Dye, squyer, of Walys, drawen, hanged, and beheded, and quartred, and the quarters salted.

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