The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


Drew Barantyn, Will' Norton, drap'. Anno x^{mo}. goldsmyth, m'. Th' Duke, skynnere. This yere was the pleye at Skynners Welle,[87] whiche endured Wednesday, Thorsday, Fryday, and on Soneday it was ended; and thanne began the fetees of werre in Smythfeld for diverses chalanges. First it began be the seneschall of Henawde and the erle of Somerset, for the Henawde soughte hyder to seke awntures, the whiche fight lasted iij dayes; and on the Moneday, S^{r}. John and another Henawde; and on the Tuwesday, S^{r}. John Philipp with another; and on the Wednesday, John Grey and his adversarie: and on the Fryday the kyng wolde suffre nothing to be don. On the Satyrday, Standyssh and his adversarie: on the Moneday suynge, Styward and his adversarie: on the Tuesday, Souche and his adversarie. On the Moneday after, S^{r}. John Grene, Cornewayle, and his felawes;[88] and on the Satirday, tho too broughten hise brethren and there adversaries: and, as God wolde, evere the Englyssh partye hadde the victorie.

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