The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


Will'm Staundon, Herry Pounfreyt, sadeler. A^{o}. ix^{mo}. groc', m'. Herry Halton, groc'. [Sidenote: The erle of Northumberland and the lord Bardolf were taken in the North.] In this yere the erle of Northumberland and the lord Bardolf, whiche arysyn ayeyns the kyng, were taken in the north cuntre and beheded; and the hed of the forsaid erle and a quarter of the lord Bardolf were sent to London, and sett upon London brigge. Also in this yere was a strong wynter whiche endured xiiij wokes. Also this yere the erle of Kent was sclayn, thorugh his owne folye, at Bryak in Bretayne, for he rood withoughte basnet, and was marked with a quarell. In this yere greyn was suych plente that smal greyn was at xij _d._, xiiij _d._, and xvj _d._ the beste civile greyn.

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Crustus an Mors

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