The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


Ric' Whytyngton, Nicholl Wotton, drap'. A^{o}. viij^{o}. m'c', m'. Geffrey Brook, groc'. [Sidenote: Rempston was dreynt.] In this yere, the xvij day[86] of Juyll, the erle of Kent wedded the dukes doughter of Melane, at seynt Marie Overey: and in this yere deyde the good S^{r}. Robert Knolles. In this yere S^{r}. Thomas Rempston, knyght, was dreynt faste be London bregge: and in this yere was the bataille in Smythfeld betwen John Walssh clerk, and Percyval Sondon.

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Crustus an Mors

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