The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


John Wodecok, m'c', m'.

Will' Crowm'e, drap'. Herry Barton, skynn'.

This same yere, be the comaundement of the kvng, alle the weres betwen London and Midweye were pulled up and distroyed be the meire of London and the comonalte. Also in this yere was Travars, yoman of the kynges chaumbre, arestyd for poysonyng of hys wyf in Northamptonschire; and on Jonet Legge was also arested for the consentynge of poysonynge of the same woman: and the said Travars was hongen, and his bowels brent, and thanne quarterd; and the said Jonet hadde here lyf.

John Wodecok, m'c', mayor

Will' Crowm'e, draper Herry Barton, skinner

This same year, by the commandment of the king, all the weirs between London and Midway were pulled up and destroyed by the mayor of London and the commonality. Also in this year was Travars, yoeman of the king's chamber, arrested for poisoning his wife in Northamtonshire; and one Jonet Legge was also arrested for the consenting of the poisoning of the same woman; and the said Travars was hung, and his bowels burnt, and then quartered; and the said jonet had her life.

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