The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


John Hende, drap', maior.

Will' Louthe, goldsmyth. Stephan Spylman, m'c'.

In this yere Thomas the kynges sone was admirall of the see and seiled into Flaundres, and he landed at Scluse and yaf theretoo a grete sawte, and he brente bothe in Cahaunt and in Flaundres. Also he toke the carykes of Jene, whiche he broughte to Wynchelsey; and there, thorugh mysgovernaunce, the carikes with alle the good therinne was brent. Also in this yere of oure lord a m^{l}ccccv, Richard Scrop erchebysshop of York, and the lord Moubray were beheded a lytel out of York, upon Whitson Moneday. Also the same yere were the children of the erle of Marche stolen out of the castell of Wyndesore, aboughte mydnyght as it was seid, and were led into Walys to Owayn of Glendore, for he was a rebell to oure kyng that tyme, and alle Walys for the more partye be v yere before. Also the forseid children were brought ayene to the kyng; and the lady Spenser was accused, and here brother, that was called duk of York, of gret treson for the forseid children; and the cause was, for they seyden that the eldere chyld was trewe kyng. Also the forseyd duke was in kepynge of Sr. John Pelham at Pevensey, in the castell, unto the parlement nest folwynge.

John Hende, draper, mayor.

William Louthe, goldsmith. Stephan Spylman, m'c'.

in this year Thomas the kings son was admiral of the seas, and sailed into Flanders, and he landed at Sluys and gave thereto a great assault, and he burned both in Cahaunt and Flanders. Also he took the carricks of Jene, which he brought to Winchelsea; and there, through misgovernance, carricks with all the goods therein were burntAlso in this year of our lord 1405, Richard Scrope, archbishop of York, and the lord Mowbray were beheaded a little out of York, upon Whitsun Monday. Also the same year were the children of the earl of March stolen out of the castle of Windsor, about midnight as it was said, and were lead into Wales to Owen Glendower, for he was a rebel to our king that time, and all Wales for the most part of five years before. Also the aforesaid children were brought againto the king; and the lady Spenser was accused, and her brother, that was called duke of York, of great treason for the aforesaid children; and the cause was, for they said that the elder child was the true king. Also the aforesaid duke was in keeping of Sir John Pelham at Pevensey, in the castle, untill the parliament next following.

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