The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


Will'm Askam, fysshmong', maior.

Thomas Faucon', m'c'. Th' Polle, goldsmyth.

This William Askam was prentys to William Walworth, sume tyme maire, that was prentys sum tyme with John Lovekyn; and alle schirreves and meires ech after other in on house. In this yere William Cerle yoman of the robys with kyng Richard, whiche was on of them that mordred the goode duke of Gloucestre at Caleys, was taken in the march of Scotlond and brought to London, where that he was drawen, and hanged, boweld, and his bowels brente before hym, and thanne beheded and quartered at Tyburne. In this yere the lord Castell, with gret peple of Bretouns and Normaundes, londed at the Blake Pole, too mile fro Dertmouth, and there he was sclayn; and the peple fledde.

William Askam, fishmonger, Mayor

Thomas Faucon', m'c'. Thomas Polle, goldsmith.

This William Askham was apprentice to William Walworth, some-time mayor of London, that was apprentice some time with John Lovekyn; and all sheffifs and mayors each after the other in one house.In this year William Cerle, yoeman of the robes for king Richard, which was one of them that murdered the good duke of Glouscester at Calais, was taken in the march of Scotland and brought to London, where that he was drawn, and hanged, disemboweled, and his bowels burnt before him, and then beheaded and quartered at Tyburn. In this year the lord Castell, with great people of Bretons and Normans, landed at Blackpool, two miles from Dartmouth, and there he was slain; and the people fled.

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