The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


John Walcote, drap', m'.

Rob't Chichelegh, groc'. Ric' Merlawe, fysshmong'.

This same yere, on Maudelyn even, betwen Englysshmen and Englysshmen was the sory bataill of Schrovesbury, that is to seye betwen kyng Herry and S^{r}. Herry Percy sone of the erle of Northumberland; the whiche Sr. Henry Percy was there sclayn and there beryed; and on hys syde manye another man also sclayn; and on his syde the erle Douglas of Scotland lost his on eye; and r. Thomas Percy brother to the said Sr. Herry Percy was there taken and kept too dayes after on lyve; and for he was embassator before the batall betwen the kyng and Sr. Herry Percy, manye a good man loste there hys lyf, wherfore they seyde Sr. Thomas was drawen, hanged and beheded, and his hede sett upon London brigge: also in the said bataille the prynce was schot in the heed wyth an arowe; and the erle of Stafford sclayn undyr the kynges banere, and Sr. William Graunsell, with manye othere knyghtes and squyers and forasmoche as som peple seyde that Sr. Herry Percy was alyve, he was taken up ayen out of his grave, and bounden upright betwen to mille stones, that alle men myghte se that he was ded.

John Walcote, drap', mayor.

Robert Chichelegh, grocer Richard Merlawe, fishmonger

This same year, on Maudelyn eve, between Ehglishmen and Englishmen was the battle of Shrewsbury, that is to say between king Henry and Sir Harry Percy, son of the earl of Northumberland; the which Sir Henry Percy was there slain and there buried, and on his side many another man also slain; and on his side the earl Douglas of Scotland lost his one eye; and Sir Thomas Percy, brother to the said Sir Harry Percy, was there taken and kept two days alive; and because he was the ambassador before the battle between the king and Sir Harry Percy, many a good man lost there his life, wherefore the said Sir Thomas was drawn, hanged and beheaded, and his head set on London bridge; also in the said battle the prince was shot in the head with an arrow; and the earl of Stafford slain under the kings banner and Sir Willian Graunsell, with many other knights and squires and because someone said Sir Harry Percy was still alive, he was taken u again out of his grave, and bound upright between two milestones, that all men might see that he was dead

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