The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


John Schadworth, m'c', maior.

William Veno', groc'. John Fremyngham, skynn'.

This same yere was dame Johanne duchesse of Breteyne spoused to kyng Herry with moche solempnyte at Westm'. Also in Lenten this yere schewed in the west in the sky a sterre called Stalla Comata, whiche endured v wokes. Also in this yere the prior of Launde, Sr. Roger Claryndon knyght, and viij frere Menours weren drawen and hanged at Tyburne. Also this yere, the xiiij day of Septembre, was the bataill with the Scottes at Humbledon hill, where there were taken and sclayn wol ny alle the gentyles of Scotlond. Also this same yere was mad the conduyt in Cornhull.

John Schadworth, m'c', mayor.

William Veno', grocer. John Fremyngham, skinner'

This same year was dame Joanne, duchess of Brittany espoused to king Henry with much solemnity at Westminster. Also in Lent this year showed in the west in the sky the star called Stelle Comata, which endured five weeks. Also in this year the prior of Launde, Sir Roger Claryndon, knight, and eight friars minor were drawn and hanged at Tyburn. Als o in this year, the ninth day of September, was the battle with the Scots at Humbledon holl, where there were taken and slain well night all the gentry in Scotland. Also this same year was made the conduit in Cornhull.

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