The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


John Fraunceys, goldsmyth, m'.

Will' Cnote, drap'. John Wakeley, vynt'.

In this yere a quarter of whete was worth xvj s. Also this yere kyng Herry rood into Wales be the excitacion of the lord Grey Ruthyn, for to distroye Owan of Glondere. In this yere was here the emperor of Constantynnoble: and the kyng helde his Cristemasse at Eltham; and men of London maden a gret mommyng to hym of xij aldermen and there sones, for whiche they hadde gret thanke. And the same yere Sr. William Sautre prest was degraded of his presthood, and brent in Smythefeld for an heretyk.

John Fraunceys, goldsmith, mayor.

William Cnote, draper John Wakeley, vintner

In this year a quarter of wheat was worth sixteen shillings. Also this year king Henry rode into Wales by the urging of the lord Grey of Ruthyn, for to destroy Owain Glendower. In this year was here the emperor of Constantinople: and the king held his Christmas at Eltham; and men of London made a great mummers playto him by sixteen aldermen and their sons, for which they had great thanks. And the same year Sir William Sautre, priest, was degraded of his priesthood and burnt at Smithfield as a heretic.

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