The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Nicholl Brembre, groc', m'.
Andr' Pykeman. Nicholl Twyford.

In this yere was graunted to the kyng of every persone, man and woman, above the age of xiiij yere, iiid; and of every man of holy chirche avaunced xij d; and of every man nought avaunced iiijd. freres only except. And this same yere the cardynall of Engalond was smyten with the palsye and loste his speche, and upon Marie Magdaleyne day he dyde. Also in this yere, the xij day of Aprill, Sr. John Mynstreworth knyght was beheded. Also in this yere, in the xij kal' of Jull, that is for to seye on seynt Albones even, at Schene, deyde the moost excellent and doughted prynce Edward the thridde: the whiche Richard, the sone of goode prince Edward the sone of the sayde king Edward, at the age of xj yere began to reigne: the whiche forsaid kyng Edward lyth ryally entered at Westm'.

In this year was granted to the king of every person, man and woman, above the age of 14 years, 3d; and of every man of holy church advanced 12d; and of every man not advanced 4d. friars only excepted. And in this same year the cardinal of England was smitten with the palsy and lost his speech, and upon Mary Magdalene day he died.Also in this yere, the 13 day of April, Sir John Mynstreworth knight was beheaded. Also in this year, in the 12 [something] of July, that is to say on saint Albon's eve, at Shene, dies the most excellent and doughty prince Edward the third: the which Richard, the son of good prince Edward the son of the said king Edward, at the age of 11 years began to reign: the which aforesaid king Edward lies royally interned at Westminster.

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