The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Adam of Bery, skynn', m'.
John Aubray. John Fyfhede.

In this yere the duke of Lancastre seiled into Flaundres, and passed be Parys through Burgoyne and alle Fraunce into Burdeaux, withoughte ony withstondyng. And in this yere Sire Alex' Neville was mad erchebysshop of Yorke, and Thomas Arundell bysshop of Ely, maistre Herry Wakefeld bysshop of Worcestre.

In this year the duke of Lancaster sailed into Flanders, and passed by Paris through Burgundy and all France into Bordeaux, without any withstanding. And in this year Sir Alexander Neville was made archbishop of York, and Thomas Arundell bishop of Ely, master Harry Wakefield bishop of Worcester.

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