The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


John Bernes, drap', m'.
Will' Walworth. Rob't of Gayton

In this yere the houses and gardynes were drowe doun abought Poules. And in this yere the duke of Lancastre seiled over the see and rood thorugh Fraunce: and Sr. John Haukewod florysshed that tyme in Lumbardie. And in this yere the prynce with hys wyf and hise men comen into Engelond, levynge behynden hym the duke of Lancastre in Gascoigne, and the erle of Cambregge.

In this year the houses and gardens were drowned down about Poules. And in this year the duke of Lancaster sailed over the sea and rode through France: and Sir John Hawkwood flourished that time in Lombardy. And in this year the prince with his wife and his men came into England, leaving behind him the duke of Lancaster in Gascony, and the earl of Cambridge.

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