The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Simon Mordon, m'.
Adam Wymondham. Rob't Girdelere.

In this yere Sire Leonell duke of Clarence with a fayre meyne sailled over the see toward Melane; whiche aboughte the natyvyte of oure lady the same year deyde. In this yere was the thridde pestilence, in whiche deyde dame Blaunche of Lancastre. And in this yere the Frensshmen meved ayeyn werre.

In this year Sir Lionel duke of Clarence with a fair company sailed over the sea toward Milan; which about the nativity of our lady the same year died1. in this year was the third pestilence, in which died dame Blanche of Lancaster. And in this year the Frenchmen made again war.

Notes 1: Lionel, not Milan

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