The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Jamys Andrew, maior, drap'.
John Thorgold. Will'm Dykeman.

This same yere, that is to say the yere of oure lord a mccclxvij, on the monthe of March appered stella comata. Also in this yere was the bataille of Nazers in Spayne, where prince Edward with his companye scomfyted the bastard of Spayne, and restored kyng Petir ayeyn to his reaume that was put out be the forseid bastard; and there was taken the erle of Dene, Sr. Oliver Clayken, and maye othere; thankyd be God.

This same year, that is to say the year of our lord 1367, on the month of March appeared a comet. Also in this year was the battle of Najera in Spain, where prince Edward with his company discomfited the bastard of Spain, and restored king Peter again to his realm that was put our by the forsaid bastard; and there were taken the earl of Dene, Sir Oliver du Guesclin, and many others; thanks be to God.

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