The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


John Stodeye, m'.
Steph'us Caundyssh. Barth'us Fretlyng.

In this yere prynce Edward, with kyng John of Fraunce and with alle hise presoners, comen into Engelond the xxiiij day of May, aboughte iij of the belle at afternoon he rod over London brigge toward the kynges paleys at Westm'. Also the same yere were ryall justes in Smythfeld, there beynge present thre kynges, that is to say the kyng of Engelond, the kyng of Fraunce, the kyng of Scotlond; and manye othere grete lordys of diverses regyons.

In this year prince Edward, with king John of France and all his prisoners, came into England the 24th day of May, about 3 of the bell [clock] at afternoon he rode over London bridge toward the kings palace at Westminster. Also the same year were royal jousts in Smithfield. there being present three kings, that is to say the king of England, the king of France, the king of Scotland; and many other great lords of diverse regions.

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