The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Herry Picard, m'.
Ric' Notyngham. Thomas Dolcell.

This yere Sr. John Balloil kyng of Scotland yaf up the reaume of Scotlond and the crowne to kyng Edward at Rokesburgh. Also in this yere the town of Berewyk was yolden up to kyng Edward. And in this same yere, that is to say the yere of oure lord a mccclvj, in the xix day of Septembre, kyng John of Fraunce was taken at the bataill of Peyters be the doughty prynce Edward the firste sone of kyng Edward. Also sire Philip his sone was taken with hym; and the erle of Pountys, the erle of Ewe, the erle of Longeville, the erle of Tankervyle, with othere viij erles and thre bysshopes: and there were sclayn the duke of Burbon, the dukes of Daceus constable of France, and the bishop of Chalons, and manye othere grete lordys of Fraunce: and the Dolphyn fledde.

This year Sir John Balloil king of Scotland gave up the realm of Scotland and the crwon to king Edward at Roxburgh. Also in this year the town of Berwick was given up to king Edward. And in this same year, that is to say the year of our lord 1356, in the 19th day of September, king John of France was taken at the battle of Poitiers by the doughty prince Edward the first son of king Edward. Also Sire Philip his son was taken with him; and the earl of Ponthieu, the earl of Eu, the earl of Longeville, the earl of Tancarville, with other 8 earls and three bishops: And there were slain the duke of Bourbon, the duke of Daceus constable of France, and the bishop of Chalons, and many other great lords of France; and the dauphin fled.

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