The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Simon Fraunces, m'.
Th' Forst. Walt' Brandon.

This same yere deyde kyng Philip of Fraunce, and John his eldest sone was crowned kyng of Fraunce. (1) And the same yere kyng Edward seyled over the see and landed at Caleys, whiche with all his oost rood forth into Fraunce to mete with kyng John, that wykkedly hadde broken the pees. And anon kyng John wyste of his comynge, cowardly he fledde: and he dede all his peple 'carie awey there vitailes and goodes, that kyng Edward and his peple' in nothing schulde be refresshed. Also the same yere the Scottes token the town of Berewyk, but the castell was kepte stille be Englysshmen. Also the same yere was graunted to kyng Edward the custume of wolles; that is to say, 1s. of the sakke for the terme of vj yere folwynge.

This same year died king Philippe of France, and John his eldest son was crowned king of France. (1) And the same year king Edward sailed over the sea and landed at Calais, which with all his host rode forth into France to meet with king John, that wickedly had broken the peace. And anon king John [Heard? Was aware of?] his coming, cowardly he fled: and ordered all his people 'carry away their victuals and goods, that king Edward and his people' in nothing should be refreshed. Also the same year the Scots took the town of Berwick, but the castle was kept still by Englishmen. Also the same year was granted to king Edward the custom of wool; that is to say, 1s. of the sack for the term of 6 years following.

1: This is an error on the chroniclers part. Philippe died and was succeeded by Jean in 1350.

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