The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


John Lovekyn, m'.
Herry Picard. Simon Dolcelle.

In this yere began the grete pestilence among the Sarazynes, that unethes it lefte the x man alyve. And this same yere, that is to say the yere of oure lord a mcccxlviij, it reyned contynuelly for the most partye fro the Nativite of seynt John Baptist unto Cristemasse next folwynge.

In this year began the great pestilence among the Saracens, that [something] it left the tenth man alive. And in this same year, that is to say the year of our lord 1348 it rained continually for the most part from the Nativity of Saint John Baptist unto Christmas next following.

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