The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Thomas Legge, m'.
Adam Brakson. Ric' Basyngstoke.

This yere durynge the segee of Caleys the kyng Phillip of Fraunce, purposynge to remeve the sege, cam the xxvij day of Juyll, and proposed bataille to kyng Edward, and assigned day and place; and kyng Edward accepted it with a glad chere: and kyng Philipp undirstondynge of this thinge, the nyghte folowynge he brened the tents and cowardly fled awey: and so the peple withinne the town, seyenge no comfort of resceus, yolden the town to the kyng with the castell in the ixe day of August. And aboughte the feste of seynt Mighell kyng Edward, which dede a glorious tryumphe, retorned ayene into Engelond.

This year during the siege of Calais the King Philippe of France, purposing to remove the siege, came the twenty-seventh day of July, and proposed battle to King Edward, and assigned day and place; and King Edward accepted it with glad cheer: and King Philippe, understanding of this thing, the night following he burned the tents and cowardly fled away; so that the people within the town, seeing no comfort of rescue, yielded the town to the King with the castle the ninth day of August. And about the feast of Saint Michael King Edward, who did a glorious triumph, returned again to England.

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