The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Geffrey Whitingham, m'.
Will's Clopton. John Croydon.

This same yere kyng Edward seyled into Normandye; and in the xii day of Juyll the kyng arrived at Hogge; and in the xvj day of Juyll the kyng faught with the Normaundes at the brigge of Cadoun, where there were taken the erle of Ewe, the lord Tankervyle, and an hundred knyghtes, and of men of arms vij c; and moche peple of Normandye were sclain. Also in this same yere in the xxvj day of August, the yere of oure lord m cccxlvj, was the bataile of Cressy, in which bataill were sclayn the king of Beame, the duke of Loreyne, the erle of Alaunson, the erle of Flaundres, the erle of Bloys, the lord of Harecourt, the lord of Awmarle, the erle of Navers and many other knyghts and barons to the noumbre of xvc xljj; and king philip fled. and the thridde daty of Septembre folwynge the kyng began the sege of Caleys, whiche sege he contynued unto the thridde day of August next folwynge. Also in the same yere, durynge the forsaid sege, David kyng of Scotland was taken at the bataille of Derham, the xvj kal' of Novembre, which kyng was raunsoned at an hundred m marcs, to be payed in x yere, that is to sey every yere x m marks

This same year King Edward sailed into Normandy; and in the twelfth day of July the King arrived at Saint-Vaast-la-Hogue; and in the sixteenth day of July the King fought with the Normans at the bridge of Cadoun, where were taken the Comte d'Eu, the Lord of Tanquerville, and a hundred knights and seven hundred men at arms, and many people of Normandy were slain. Also in this same year on the twenty-sixth day of August, the year of our Lord 1346, was the battle of Crecy, in which battle were slain the King of Bohemia, the Duke of Lorraine, the Count of Alençon, the Count of Flandres, the Comte de Blois, the Lord of Harcourt, the Lord of Aumale, the Count of Nevers and many other knights and barons to the number of one thousand five hundred and forty-two; and King Philippe fled. And on the third day of September following the King began the siege of Calais, which siege he continued unto the third day of August the next year. Also in the same year David, King of Scotland was taken at the battle of Durham the sixteenth of November, which King was ransomed at one hundred thousand marks, to be paid in ten years, that is to say every year ten thousand marks.

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