The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Id'm maior.
Adam Lucas. Barth'us Mareys.

This same yere the kyng faught with the Frensshmen at Scluse, where there were sclayn xxx m; and the kyng toke and scomfyted at the sayd battail of Scluse cccx schippes. And in this yere the kyng began the bataill of Torneye, and the town of seynt Amandys was distroied. And in the same yere, on seynt Andrewes even, kyng Edward came fro beyonde the see br nyghte to the tour of London, and there tok manye lordes and peres of the reaume and putte them in person. And in this yere king Edward began the firste yere of his regne of the kyngdom of Fraunce. Also in this yere of oure lord a m ccc xlti, there was sente out a maundement fro the emperor of Tartayre into alle his londes and kyngdomes, that every man schulde use what law and beleve that he woulde, be so that he schulde worschep not idoles but only everelyvynge God.

This same year the King fought with the French at Sluys, where there were slain thirty thousand, and the King took and discomfited three hundred and ten ships. And in this year the King began the battle of Tournoi, and the town of Saint Amandys was destroyed. And in this same year, on St. Andrew's eve, King Edward came from beyond the sea by night to the Tower of London and there took many lords and peers of the realm and put them in prison. And in this year King Edward began the first year of his reign of the Kingdom of France. Also in this year of our lord 1340 there was sent out a commandment from the Emperor of Tartary into all his lands and kingdoms that every man should use what law an believe what he would, so long as he should worship not idols, but everliving God.

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