The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Andr' Aubrey, m'.
Will' Thorney. Rog' Forsham

This same yere the kyng held his parlement at London; and he axed to begynne his werres the fyfthe part of alle the moeble goodes of Engelond, and the custume of wolles, and the ix shef of every manere of corn, the which was graunted. And in this yere the kyng changed his armys; and also the kyng made the coyne of golde; that is for to seyne the noble, the half noble and the ferthyng. And this yere was called the firste yere oft oure kyng of the regne of Fraunce

This same year the King held his Parliament at London, and he asked, to begin his wars, the fifth part of all the movable goods in England, and the custom of wool, and the ninth sheaf of every manner of corn [grain], the which was granted. And in this year the King changed his Arms, and also the king made the coin of gold; that is for to say the noble, the half noble and the farthing. And this year was called the first year of our King of his reign of France.

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