The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


John Grantham, m'.
Simon Fraunceys. Herry Combemartyn.

This same yere David Bruz the sone of Robert Bruz, be ordynaunce of the kyngs modir and of the Mortymer, spousyed at Berewyk dame Johanne of the Tour, the kyngs suster, upon Marie Magdaleyn day, in the year of our lord a mcccxxviij: and whanne the maryage was done, the Scottes called here in despyte of Engleyssh men "make pees"*; but the kyng bar the the blame wrongfully. This yere the king held his parlement at Salesbury; and at that parlement Sire Roger Mortimer was mad erle of the March, and Sr John Eltham the kyngs brother was also mad erle of Cornwayle. Also this same yere Sire Edmond Woodstoke erle of Kent, the kyngs uncle, was beheded at Wynchestre, thorugh procurment of the quene, the kings modir, and of the Mortymer. Also in this yere the kyng seyled into Fraunce, that is to seye the yere of our lord a mcccxxviij, and dede homage to the kyng of Fraunce for the ducherey of Guyene and for the counte of Pountyf.
* 'the countes make pees' in the Cotton MS.

This same year David Bruce, the son of Robert Bruce, by order of the king's mother and of the Mortimer, married at Berwick Lady Joan de la Tour, the king's sister upon Mary Magdalene day [July 22], in the year of our lord 1328: And when the marriage was done the Scots called her, in spite of the English, 'make peace'*; but the king bore the blame wrongfully. This year the king held his parliament at Salisbury; and at that parliament Sir Roger Mortimer was made the earl of March, and Sir John Eltham, the king' brother, was made earl of Cornwall. Also this same year Edmund Woodstock, earl of Kent, the king's uncle, was beheaded at Winchester, by order of the queen, the king's mother, and of the Mortimer. Also in this year the king sailed to France, that is to say the year of our lord 1328, and did homage to the king of France for the duchy of Guyenne and the county of Poitou.
* 'the countess make peace' in the Cotton MS

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