The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardus Tertius


Hamo Chickewell, m'. Herry Darcy. John Hawteyn.

This yere, in the fest of Pentecost, the kyng held his parlement at North'; at whiche parlement, thorugh counseill of the Mortymer, the kynge of yonge age and withinne age accorded with the Scottes, and foryaf and relesed them al the homage and feautee that they oughte to do to the crown of Engelond be chartre ensealed and an endenture, in whiche were conteyned alle the homages and feautes that the kyng of Scotlond and the lordes of the same lond schulde do to the kyng of Englond, which was ensealed with alle the seales of alle the grete lordes of Scotlond spirituelex and temporelex, and other chertres and remembraunces thet kyng Edward and hise barons hadde of right in the lond of Scotland; whiche alle, thorugh counseille of quene Isabell the kyngs modir, and Sr Roger Mortymer, were delyvered to the Scottes with the blak crosee of Scotlond, the whiche goode kyng Edward the kynges ayell hadde conquered in Scotlond and broughte it fro the abbeye of Stone, whiche was a precious relyke, the whiche was also delyverer to the Scottes: also the kyng, through counseill of his modir and of the Mortymer, relesed and foryaf alle that right that the barons out of Engrlond hadden in ony londes of Scotland of old conquest.

This year, in the feast of Pentecost, the king held his parliament at Northhampton; at which parliament, through the counsel of the Mortimer, the king (of young age, and within age, according to the Scots) forgave and released them of all the homage and fealty that they ought to do to the crown of England by charter and sealed indenture, in which were contained all the homages and fealties that the king of Scotland and the lords of the same land should do to the king of England, which was sealed with all the seals of all the great lords of Scotland, spiritual and temporal, and other charters and remembrances that king Edward and his barons had by right in the land of Scotland; all of which, through the counsel of queen Isabella (the kings mother) and Sir Roger Mortimer, were delivered to the Scots with the black cross of Scotland, which good king Edward (the king's [Edward III] grandfather) had conquered in Scotland, and brought from the abbey the Stone [of Scone], which was a precious relic, which was also delivered to the Scots: also the king, through counsel of his mother and Mortimer, released and forgave all the rights that the barons of England had in any lands of Scotland from the old conquest [of Edward I].

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