The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardus Tertius


Ric'us Betayn, maior, goldsmyth.
Ric' Rotyng. Rog' Chauntecler.

In this yere were seyn in the firmament too mones and too popes. Also in this yere, the vj day of March, the kyng confermed the lettres and the fraunchises of London. Also he graunted that the meire schulde ben on of the justices at Newgate. Also he graunted to the schirreres of London and Midd' the ferme of the schirrevehode for CCC be yere, as it was in the old tyme. Also he graunted that the schirreves of London ne the citizens schulde nought be charged with men that fledden to holy chirche, ne they schulde be constreyned to gone out of the citee of London to eny werre. Also the same tyme the kyng graunted that the liberties and fraunchises of London schulde nought after that tyme for no cause be taken into the kyngs hond: And the same tyme Suthwerk was graunted to the schirreves of London to have to ferme: also the same yere, after the fest of Pask', the kyng ordeyned an huge oost for to feight the Scottes; and Sir John of Henaude come to Engelond with men of armes for to helpe the yonge kyng Edward. And the Scottes comen into Engelond and deden muche harme, and distroyden the contreye tyl they comen to the park of Stanhope in Wyrdale, where they helden them in a busshement in the parke. And the kyng besette the park alle aboughte that the Scottes schulde never escaped: but through treson of the Mortymer they escapid everych on, and the kyng was disceyved. And also in this same yere of oure lorde a mcccxxvj, be treson of Sire Roger Mortymer, kyng Edward was sclayn in the castell of Berkele. Also in this yere, in the conversion of seynt Poul after Chrisemesse, the kyng spoused dame Philip' the erles doughter of Henawde at York.
Et id'm Ric'us Rothyng' tunc vic' fundavit eccl'iam de Garlykhithe s'c'i Jacobi et dotavit

In this year were seen two moons and two Popes. Also in this year, the 6th day of March, the king confirmed the letters and franchises of London. Also he granted that the mayor should be one of the justices of Newgate. Also he granted to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex [?] the farm of the sherrifhood for three hundred years as it was in the old time. Also he granted that the sheriffs of London, nor the citizens should be charged with [apprehending?] men that fled to holy churches, nor should they be constrained to go out of the city of London to anywhere. Also the same time the king granted that the liberties and franchises of London should not after that time for any cause be taken into the king's hand: And at the same time Soutwark was granted to the sheriffs of London to have to farm: Also in that same year, after the feast of Pask'[?], the king ordained a huge host for to fight the Scots; and Sir John of Hainault came to England with men of arms for to help the young king Edward. And the Scots came into England and did much harm and destroyed the country until they came to the park of Stanhope in Wyrdale where they held themselves in a busshement[?] in the park. And the king beset the park all around so that the Scots should never have escaped: but through the treason of the Mortimer they escaped every one, and the king was deceived. And also in this same year of our lord 1327, by treason of Sir Roger Mortimer, king Edward[II] was slain in the castle of Berkley. Also in this year, at the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul after Christmas [Jan 25], the king married lady Philippa, the count of Hainault's daughter, at York.

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