The Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet
Chapter CLXXVI
The Cardinals of Santa Croche and of Cyprus Come to Arras, to Attend the Convention.

In the month of July, two cardinals, sent by the pope and the council of Basil, with many ambassadors of note from divers nations, arrived at Arras, to be present at the ensuing convention for establishing a general peace. On the part of the holy father came the cardinal of Santa Croche, archdeacon of Metz, attended by some theologians. On that of the council, the cardinal of Cyprus, accompanied by the bishop of Ache, and a doctor called Nicholas, ambassador from the king of Poland; And the bishop of Alba, in the same capacity, from the duke of Milan. With them came the Bishop of Uzes and the abbot of Vezelay, and other envoys from various lords in distant countries. They might amount, in the whole, to about eight score masters, and some were handsomely received by the bishop of Arras, his clergy and the inhabitants, as well as by the attendants of the Duke of Burgundy, from whom they had orders to that effect.
The whole of the town went out to meet them on their arrival, with great crowds of people, who escorted them with cries of joy to their hôtels, where many rich presents were made them.

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