Jame Aguillier

Birthdate/place: October 15, 1378. Rouen, France
Father: Jaques Corrigeeurs
Mother: Jehannete Norrice
Siblings: None known
Spouse:Rosette de Rhiems
Titles: Seiur de la Chaise

Born in 1378 his father was a strap maker in Rouen, and his mother was nursemaid around the city. Due to their poverty, at the age of eight he was given as a oblate to the monastary of Ste. Catherine-du-Mont, outside the city. He remained there for six years, receiving a basic education from the monks. At the age of 15 he was given the option of takeing vows and joining the monastary but made the choice to leave instead, and made his way back to Rouen. A search for his parents proved fruitless, and for the next five years he made his way the best he could on the streets of Rouen, until he chanced to meet M. le Baron de Sainte Claire, who was favorably impressed with the young man and took him into his service. There he met one of M. le Baron's landholders, Mme. Rosette de Rhiems, and married her, after a brief, torrid romance. They have two children, a daughter and a son.
Jame has served with distinction in a number of capacities for many years in the household at St. Claire, most recently as a gonner in the Compagnie de Sainte Claire.

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