Ame Chambrier

Born: December 11, 1387.
Father: Andry le Tounelier , (d 1396).
Mother: Avelot, (d 1398).
Siblings: Gaston (older brother, born 1383). Jehanne (younger sister, born 1392).
Spouse: None
Children: None
Titles: None

Born in 1387, her father was a man-at-arms in Monsieur le Baron's guard, and her mother a maidservant at the castle of Sainte Claire. Her father died at Nicopolis, in 1396, having taken the cross and marched with Dreux de Sainte-Nazaire, husband to Lady Marguerite, with the Comte de Nevers ill-fated crusade to Hungary. Her mother soon followed, being taken by illness in 1398. Ame made her way serving in the kitchens and chambers of Sainte Claire la Ville, just as her mother had done before her. Her fortunes took a turn for the better when she was 15, when she was chosen to be the ladies maid to Lady Marguerite de Sainte-Nazaire, Monsieur le Baron's ward. She still spends some of her time in the kitchens, watching over her younger sister, Jehanne, who has begun to serve there. She also has an elder brother, Gaston, who serves as a man-at-arms to the Sire de Pontivy, one of Monsieur le Baron's vassals.

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