Adhemar de Villarquemada

Born: November 15, 1363, Sainte Claire, Normandy, France
Father: Nicolas de Villarquemada (d)
Mother: Bernice de Clarens (d)
Siblings: Iago (elder brother, (d), Esther (older sister), Jean-Claude (younger brother), Guillaime (younger brother (d)), Ysabella (younger sister).
Spouse: Catarine de St. Valery (d)
Children: Andre de Villarquemada (d), Vladimir de Villarquemada, Anjelica Milagros de Villarquemada
Titles: Baron de Sainte Claire, Baron Asile Bateau-Dragon, Sire de Villarquemada.

Born and raised in Normandy and Brittany, Monsieur le Baron is a man of some stature in those areas, holding lands from both the Duke of Brittany and the Dauphin, who is also the Duke of Normandy. He has served both the current king Charles, and his father (also Charles) in a military capacity (at the siege of St. Malo, and other battles) and as a herald and diplomat. He attended the Sorbonne in Paris though he was called home after the death of his father at the siege of Chateauneuf-de-Randon before completing his studies, and has been to court a number of times, maintaining a small hotel in the capital for his visits there.

He keeps his residence in Normandy, though he frequently travels to Brittany and Gascony to oversee his holdings there, and also to his estates in Poitou, recently granted to him by the King as reward for services he performed for Charles the VI, the current king's father, as well as for diplomatic missions for the current king, Charles VII. He holds some small estates in Aragon, ancestral holdings from his father, but has only seen them once, and relies on the chatelaines there to manage them.

Essentially a diplomat, Monsieur is rarely seen in harness, but with the war in Guyenne and Gascoine heating up, Monsieur is taking to arms once again to serve his king (and perhaps expand his lands), and is fielding a company of handgonners and cannoneers to fight the English.

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