Historical Maps

There are some maps of various places at various times. It's a bit of an eclectic collection at the moment, but I hope to round it out in time. They're largish in size, so be patient....

Hundred Years War Maps

Major English Campaigns of the Hundred Years War 1339 - 1380
Britanny during the Hundred Years War
Details of the Breton Civil War
Ile de France and the Seine valley during the Hundred Years War
Normandy during the Hundred Years War
Rhone and Saone provinces during the Hundred Years War
France at the time of the Treaty of Bretigny (1360)
France at the height of Anglo Burgundain power (1429)
Geographic Divisions of the Western Schism
The Low Countries in 1337
Paris, circa 1380
Paris, circa 1380, Ile de la Cite Detail
Paris, circa 1380, detail of the Left Bank

England and the British Isles

England after 866
William the Conqueror's domains


The Duchy of Aquitaine in 1300
Flanders at the time of the Murder of Charles the Good (12th C)


Italy in the 11th Century
Italy in the 12th Century


Germany in the time of Frederick Barbarossa


The Iberian Penninsula in 1492


The Crusader States

Crustus an Mors
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